San Francisco City Hall Elopement | Marina & Marcial

marina & marcial01

San Francisco City Hall was abuzz with activity when we met up with Marina and Marcial one spring afternoon in May. At the foot of the steps leading up to the majestic Beaux Arts structure was a small protest. Inside, municipal workers bustled to and fro, camera-touting tourists snapped photos of the architecture, wedding photographers captured a seemingly endless stream of couples getting hitched, and models struck poses for photoshoots all throughout the building.

Marina dazzled in a dreamy white gown and pink lace-up heels, while Marcial cut a handsome figure in a black suit. When it finally came time for them to tie the knot, their enthusiastic officiant quickly launched into the ceremony before their family members had a chance to gather around. This resulted in much laughter, as did Marina’s struggle to place Marcial’s ring on his finger. Happily, no blood was shed and the rest of the ceremony took place without incident. Shortly after their first kiss as husband and wife, we were swept out of the rotunda for the next eager couple.

We spent some time taking portraits of them with their family before heading to Alfred’s steakhouse on the outskirts of Chinatown, tucked away in the shadow of the Transamerica Pyramid. Dimly lit and clubby, Alfred’s opened in 1928 and looks like the kind of place gumshoes of yore dined at after a hard day scouring the alleys of Chinatown for criminals. We loved their gleaming bar, sparkling chandeliers, and display of aging steaks. Our couple and their family had a portion of the restaurant to themselves, where they celebrated with a sumptuous meal of oysters, calamari, escargot, filet mignon, and ribeye. Topping off the decadent spread was a delicious chocolate cake meticulously crafted by Marcial’s uncle. Marina also did a fine job designing their menu and wedding favors.

We lost track of time at Alfred’s because, amazingly, it was still light out when we stepped outside. What a wonderful surprise! Here’s what their special day looked like.

marina & marcial02
marina & marcial08
marina & marcial09
marina & marcial10
marina & marcial03
marina & marcial04
marina & marcial05
marina & marcial06
marina & marcial07
marina & marcial11
marina & marcial12
marina & marcial13
marina & marcial14
marina & marcial15
marina & marcial16
marina & marcial17
marina & marcial18
marina & marcial19
marina & marcial20
marina & marcial21
marina & marcial22
marina & marcial23
marina & marcial24
marina & marcial25
marina & marcial44
marina & marcial26
marina & marcial27
marina & marcial28
marina & marcial29
marina & marcial30
marina & marcial31
marina & marcial32
marina & marcial33
marina & marcial34
marina & marcial35
marina & marcial36
marina & marcial37
marina & marcial38
marina & marcial39
marina & marcial40
marina & marcial41
marina & marcial42
marina & marcial43

Dress: Galina/Vera Wang for David’s Bridal
Bride’s shoes: Modcloth
Hair & make-up: Triple Twist
Fingerprint rings: Brent & Jess
Suit: Calvin Klein
Groom’s shoes: Calvin Klein
Cake: Rick Sarmiento
Wedding favors: Beau Coup

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