Katy & Paul’s San Francisco Surf & Turf Engagement Session

Katy & Paul01
Katy and Paul lucked out with a gorgeous spring day when we met up with them for their engagement session. Our first stop? The San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park. Free to SF residents, it boasts a diverse range of microclimates that allows it to nurture more than 8,000 plants from around the world. In addition, its shaded benches and manicured meadows make it a lovely place to picnic or hang out with a good book.

An amateur botanist, Paul served as our docent in between shots, pointing out the native and nonnative species we passed. We spent some time exploring the redwood grove, Southeast Asian cloud forest (hello, aerial roots!), and succulent garden before heading to our next destination: China Beach. We love that it’s a quieter and smaller alternative to Baker Beach to the north and also has views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here, Katy and Paul frolicked in the sand and surf, and at one point Chris pulled out our Polaroid 420 Automatic Land Camera and snapped a few photos the old-fashioned way. The wind kicked up exponentially as the sun inched its way toward the horizon, and eventually we said goodbye to the day and our happy couple. We can’t wait for their “endless summer” wedding later this year!
Katy & Paul02
Katy & Paul03
Katy & Paul04
Katy & Paul05
Katy & Paul06
Katy & Paul07
Katy & Paul08
Katy & Paul09
Katy & Paul10
Katy & Paul11
Katy & Paul12
Katy & Paul13
Katy & Paul14
Katy & Paul15
Katy & Paul16
Katy & Paul17
Katy & Paul18
Katy & Paul19
Katy & Paul20
Katy & Paul21
Katy & Paul22
Katy & Paul23
Katy & Paul24
Katy & Paul25
Katy & Paul26
Katy & Paul27
Katy & Paul28
Katy & Paul29
Katy & Paul30

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