Love Prevails: 2019 in Review

At the end of each year (or the start of the new one, in this case!), we enjoy taking a moment to reflect on the journey we had and all the wonderful people we shared it with.


2019 was our most challenging year to date, not only because of the volume of work and travel we had but because we both lost a parent, which really shook our worlds. Death is inevitable, but the emotional rollercoaster that follows is difficult to prepare for.

One positive outcome: the pain heightened our appreciation for some of what we do—capturing fleeting moments, chronicling the bonds that connect families and friends, and creating heirlooms that will be cherished for generations. We don’t take our duties lightly, which is probably why we’re always exhausted and exhilarated at the end of each wedding and engagement session!

We’re thankful to all the couples who trusted us to document the love, laughter, and tears (and occasional chaos!) of their special day. Through them, we returned to some of our favorite Bay Area venues (like Nestldown, City Club of San Francisco, San Francisco City Hall, the University Club of San Francisco, and Berkeley Country Club), and explored new-to-us ones (like Park Winters, Swedenborgian Church of San Francisco, Mavericks House, and Foppiano Vineyards). Some invited us to their homes, while others flew us to be with them in Florida and Oregon. We loved documenting former bridesmaids and groomsmen become brides and grooms themselves, and reconnecting with a couple who got married at Nestldown in 2016 and joined us there for their maternity session (they welcomed an adorable baby boy into the world in late November!). We had a blast with our couples getting married in 2020, too, and can’t wait to celebrate with them later this year!

Here’s a smattering of images we made last year that lifts our spirits and inspires us to create more. We hope you enjoy them, too.

2019recap-002 2019recap-003 2019recap-004 2019recap-005 2019recap-006 2019recap-007 2019recap-008 2019recap-009 2019recap-010 2019recap-011 2019recap-012 2019recap-013 2019recap-014 2019recap-015 2019recap-016 2019recap-017 2019recap-018 2019recap-019 2019recap-020 2019recap-021 2019recap-022 2019recap-023 2019recap-024 2019recap-025 2019recap-026 2019recap-027 2019recap-028 2019recap-029 2019recap-030 2019recap-031 2019recap-032 2019recap-033 2019recap-034 2019recap-035 2019recap-036 2019recap-037 2019recap-038 2019recap-039 2019recap-040 2019recap-041 2019recap-042 2019recap-043 2019recap-044 2019recap-046 2019recap-047 2019recap-048 2019recap-049 2019recap-050 2019recap-050b 2019recap-051 2019recap-052 2019recap-053 2019recap-054 2019recap-055 2019recap-056 2019recap-057 2019recap-058 2019recap-059 2019recap-060 2019recap-061 2019recap-062 2019recap-063 2019recap-064 2019recap-065 2019recap-066 2019recap-067 2019recap-068 2019recap-069 2019recap-070 2019recap-071 2019recap-072 2019recap-073 2019recap-074 2019recap-075 2019recap-076 2019recap-077 2019recap-078 2019recap-079 2019recap-080 2019recap-080b 2019recap-081 2019recap-082 2019recap-083 2019recap-084 2019recap-085 2019recap-086 2019recap-087 2019recap-088 2019recap-089 2019recap-090 2019recap-091 2019recap-092 2019recap-093 2019recap-094 2019recap-095 2019recap-096 2019recap-097 2019recap-098 2019recap-099 2019recap-100 2019recap-101 2019recap-102 2019recap-103 2019recap-104 2019recap-105 2019recap-106 2019recap-107 2019recap-108

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