Beyonce-Inspired Wine Country Elopement Weekend | Rally & Brian

There’s no debating that COVID-19 has turned the world upside-down. In this whirlwind of upheaval and chaos, it’s vital for our mental health to remember to appreciate the small things that bring us joy. It’s also good to be flexible. winecountry_elopement01

Like so many couples with plans to marry this year, Rally & Brian had to pivot when they learned that San Francisco City Hall would very likely be canceling their September ceremony. So, after contemplating different scenarios and enlisting the help of their good friend Joe, they wound up transforming their Las Vegas bachelor party weekend into an intimate Wine Country elopement with their besties.

Wedding planning is already a challenge during non-pandemic times. Happily, Joe was able to secure a spacious house rental in the Anderson Valley, and designated the weekend’s theme “Drunk in Love” by Beyonce. (Coincidentally, our couple’s original wedding date was 9/4, which is Beyonce’s birthday.) Everyone’s biggest concern was safety, and Rally & Brian outlined the precautions they took to make sure they didn’t have a super-spreader event on their hands.

“We kept the group limited to only the people who had a part in our wedding,” says Rally. “We asked everyone to get tested two weeks prior to that weekend. If anyone had any COVID-related symptoms or was even feeling slightly under the weather, we told them not to come. We sent text messages to a group thread with our test results. One person, who is a nurse, decided not to come the week of because she had exposure to a COVID-positive patient. Another person also decided not to come because she lives with her brother and pregnant wife. We had a digital thermometer at the entry, along with hand sanitizer, for everyone to use. The first day, temperatures were checked prior to going into our room assignments.”

We arrived on their elopement day with our masks on and mini bottles of hand sanitizer in our pockets. It was a gorgeous summer day in Geyserville and everyone was in high spirits. How could we not have the best time capturing them getting ready for the ceremony and their Beyonce-inspired portraits?

Rally & Brian rocked their dark purple tuxedos, and their quaranteam was equally fly AF. Rally’s best woman Verni, who wasn’t able to attend, surprised the couple with lockets each bearing a photo of their fathers. What a thoughtful gesture and sweet way to honor their fathers! With the lockets in their pockets, Rally & Brian were ready to get hitched.

Perhaps not surprising to anyone who’s been following along so far, the heartfelt, laughter-filled ceremony incorporated Beyonce song lyrics, artfully sung by their officiant Rockne. It was the perfect way for Rally & Brian to start their new journey together.

We’re heartened that it is indeed possible to get married and celebrate safely and responsibly in these unpredictable times. Congratulations to the newlyweds for making it happen! Please enjoy some of our favorite moments from their special day.

winecountry_elopement02 winecountry_elopement03 winecountry_elopement04 winecountry_elopement05 winecountry_elopement06 winecountry_elopement07 winecountry_elopement08 winecountry_elopement15 winecountry_elopement09 winecountry_elopement10 winecountry_elopement12 winecountry_elopement11 winecountry_elopement13 winecountry_elopement14 winecountry_elopement16 winecountry_elopement17 winecountry_elopement18 winecountry_elopement19 winecountry_elopement20 winecountry_elopement21 winecountry_elopement22 winecountry_elopement23 winecountry_elopement24 winecountry_elopement25 winecountry_elopement26 winecountry_elopement27 winecountry_elopement28 winecountry_elopement30 winecountry_elopement29 winecountry_elopement31 winecountry_elopement32 winecountry_elopement33 winecountry_elopement34 winecountry_elopement35 winecountry_elopement36 winecountry_elopement37

Groom’s outfits: The Black Tux
Grooms’ haircuts:
Rae Pattison (San Francisco)
Dani of Trés Styling
Flowers: Michael of BAHTOH

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