Burger Boogaloo 2015: Day 1

gories11 For the third year in a row, Total Trash Productions and Burger Records transformed Oakland’s family-friendly Mosswood Park into the Burger Boogaloo, the ultimate destination for garage punks, budget rockers, and fuzzheads across the nation. This July 4th weekend extravaganza unveiled one additional stage to accommodate the fest’s growing size, and welcomed the hilariously bawdy proclamations of emcee John Waters, legendary film director and the pope of trash. (Mr. Waters, if you’re reading this, there really is a band named Anal Mucus…straight out of Concord, CA!)

It was a challenge hoofing it between the two stages (Flesh Land amphitheater, Psychoville stage) and maneuvering around 4,998 of our closest friends, but we managed to catch all the bands except for Shannon & the Clams (photos from their 2014 performance are here), who played right before the Mummies at Psychoville. Here’s what a mind-boggling lineup of sonic goodness looks like. (Check out Day 2 and the many faces of Burger Boogaloo, too!)BBsat-1 BBsat-6 Bombon: All-female surftastic trio from San Pedro, CA bombon1 bombon2 bombon3 bombon4 bombon5

Danny & the Darleans: Bouncy garage rock from Dan Kroha of The Gories, complete with a handclap or two dannydarlean1 dannydarlean2 dannydarlean3 dannydarlean4 dannydarlean5 dannydarlean6

The Trouble Makers: ’90s Sacramento garage punks still raising a ruckus troublemakers1 troublemakers2 troublemakers3 troublemakers4 troublemakers5 troublemakers6 troublemakers7

Fe Fi Fo Fums: Seattle budget rockers featuring Jesse Lortz of The Dutchess & the Duke fefifofum1 fefifofum2 fefifofum3

Legendary Stardust Cowboy: Outsider rockabilly wackiness with bassist Klaus Fluoride (Dead Kennedys) and guitarist Jay Rosen (Better Beatles, Chuckleberries) ledge1 ledge2 ledge3 ledge4 ledge5

Magnetix: Thunderous fuzzbomb duo from Bordeaux, France magnetix1 magnetix2 magnetix3 magnetix4 magnetix5 magnetix6

The Untamed Youth: Surf/rockabilly maestro Deke Dickerson’s first band also covered the Dictators’ “Cars & Girls” to reflect their favorite teenage pastimes, although Deke confessed it was more like “walking and masturbating” at the time untamedyouth1 untamedyouth2 untamedyouth3

The Thunderroads: Japanese garage punk juggernauts (you might remember their guitarist’s epic amp dive with guitar in hand at last year’s Boogaloo) thunderroads01 thunderroads02 thunderroads03 thunderroads04 thunderroads05 thunderroads06 thunderroads08 thunderroads07 thunderroads09 thunderroads10

The Gories: These Detroit luminaries said a few choice words about the Mummies before diving into their primal, feral blitzkrieg BBsat-3 BBsat-4 gories01 BBsat-5 gories04 gories05 gories06 gories07 gories02 gories03 gories08 gories09 gories13 gories10 gories12 gories14 gories15 gories16

The Pandoras: ’80s all-female garage rockers with the Muffs’ Kim Shattuck on lead vocals and guitar pandoras01 pandoras02 pandoras03 pandoras04

The’s: These Japanese legends delivered surfy rock’n’roll classics with minimal bloodshed. 5678s-1 5678s-2 5678s-3 5678s-4 5678s-5

The Mummies: These infamous budget rockers rolled out of the crypt on mini motorbikes and launched into their lo-fi, lo-brow schtick, which was “pretty, pretty, pretty good,” according to drummer Russell Quan. mummies01 mummies02 mummies03 mummies04 mummies05 mummies06 mummies07 mummies08 mummies09 mummies10 mummies11 mummies12 mummies13 mummies14 mummies15 mummies16 mummies17 mummies18 mummies19 mummies20 mummies21

15 thoughts on “Burger Boogaloo 2015: Day 1

  1. Can i photo-copy some of those pics of the Ledge into his fanzine (paper only, not online) ? I am the fan club pres. thank you !

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  4. Wait, you mean to tell me you didn’t see Shannon and the Clams? What?!??!? The highlight of the festival. I had such a good time! I can’t believe you missed my favorite band!

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