Burger Boogaloo 2015: Day 2

sneaky pinks10We’ll be honest: Day 1 of the Burger Boogaloo (and the Clorox Girls reunion show afterward) totally kicked our butts and we found ourselves moving much more slowly on Sunday. Unfortunately, this caused us to miss Vial completely and fail to get within acceptable shooting range of Dancer, Guantanamo Baywatch (photos of their 2013 performance are here), and King Khan & BBQ Show. Bummer!

Still, we caught a good chunk of the action, including Gooch Palms’ amp-climbing antics, the Sneaky Pinks’ red-hot revue, and the Black Lips’ attempt to keep everyone’s hands clean. One guy even launched a bottlerocket from the middle of the Flesh Land amphitheater before the Black Lips hit the stage (and was immediately escorted off the property). We can’t imagine how Total Trash and Burger Records will top this weekend but we’re sure they’ll find a way! Until then, enjoy our recap!bbsun-161

Gooch Palms: These cheeky Australian wonder twins’ upbeat punky ditties were the perfect fuel for scaling an amp stack, cracking open a beer, and taking a swig before hurling it into the audience. goochpalms1goochpalms2goochpalms3goochpalms4goochpalms5goochpalms6goochpalms7goochpalms8goochpalms9

Sneaky Pinks: These delightful deviants, led by Justin “Nobunny” Champlin, set the Flesh Land stage ablaze with poppy perversions, snarly punk covers, and a good old-fashioned flag burning. sneaky pinks02sneaky pinks03sneaky pinks04sneaky pinks05sneaky pinks06sneaky pinks07sneaky pinks08sneaky pinks09sneaky pinks11sneaky pinks12sneaky pinks13

Nikki Corvette: The queen of bubblegum punk sounded as sweet as ever with backing band Prima Donna.nikki1nikki2nikki3nikki4nikki5nikki6nikki7

Apache: Swaggering Bay Area glam apache1apache2apache3apache4apache5apache6apache7

Zulus: Brooklyn noise punks zulus1zulus2zulus3zulus4zulus5

Jonathan Richman: The revered troubadour and drummer Tommy Larkin mesmerized the crowd with quiet, humor-filled songs from the floor of the Flesh Land amphitheater. jrichman1jrichman2jrichman3jrichman4jrichman5jrichman6jrichman7jrichman8

Audacity: SoCal punks audacity01audacity02audacity03audacity04audacity05audacity06audacity07audacity08

Fuzz: Ty Segall and co’s Black Sabbathinspired aural assault sent hair, dust, and bodies flying. fuzz01fuzz02fuzz03fuzz04fuzz05fuzz06fuzz07fuzz08fuzz09fuzz10fuzz11fuzz12

Black Lips: Atlanta’s enfants terribles brought beach balls and toilet paper to the party and closed out the weekend with an encore with King Khan & BBQ Show. blacklips01blacklips02blacklips03blacklips04blacklips05blacklips06blacklips07blacklips08blacklips09blacklips10blacklips11blacklips12blacklips13blacklips14blacklips15blacklips16blacklips17blacklips18blacklips19blacklips20blacklips21blacklips22blacklips23blacklips24blacklips25blacklips26blacklips27blacklips28blacklips29blacklips30blacklips31blacklips32blacklips33

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