Lou Lou & Dave’s Roaring Santa Cruz Adventure

Before they were even engaged, we had the pleasure of photographing Lou Lou and Dave for a vintage tiki wedding inspiration shoot we did last year. Imagine our excitement when they asked us to capture their wedding this spring! In … Continue reading

Ashnita & Dave’s Revved-Up Lifestyle Adventure

Ashnita and Dave’s first date took place at an ice cream parlor in the tiny, old-timey town of Niles. It was the perfect first stop for their lifestyle photo session, which was essentially a mini-tour of the East Bay featuring … Continue reading

Shin Mei & Joju’s Zippy East Bay Engagement Expedition

eastbayengagement01Shin Mei and Joju met as undergrads at UC Berkeley and have been inseparable ever since. In fact, they spent several years commuting to work together via BART, which is how we came to incorporate both the university and BART into their engagement session earlier this summer.

The first stop of our whirlwind adventure was the El Cerrito BART station, which had surprisingly great views of the San Francisco Bay from its open-air platform. From there, we rode into Berkeley and strolled onto campus, where they reminisced a bit before piling us into their shiny Mini Cooper for the sinuous drive to the top of the Berkeley Hills. We arrived just in time to watch the sun disappear over the horizon and the lights of San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and beyond twinkle on beneath us. Whew! We had such a fantastic time running around with them and can’t wait to see them again on their wedding day! Here’s a quick look at our brief time together. eastbayengagement02