Fun-Filled SF Embarcadero Engagement | Karen & Greg

When we first met San Francisco residents Karen and Greg, it felt like we had reunited with old friends. Somehow we found ourselves laughing and trading stories within seconds of sitting down together! Happily, those good vibes were still there more than a year later.

The Embarcadero has been a mainstay of Karen and Greg’s relationship, and it was the perfect backdrop for their playful engagement session. Huge soccer fans, they brought along a soccer ball and showed off their skills in the shadow of Cupid’s Span (Karen’s head-ball coordination was especially impressive!). Then we dodged the parade of joggers, dog walkers, skaters, and bikes along the promenade and the old-timey street cars that run along Market Street before taking a snuggle break to enjoy the sunset.

As nightfall descended and the city’s lights twinkled on, we attempted to make it rain with one small bottle of water. It had been pouring off and on in the Bay Area for months, including the day before the session, so we had it in our brains that a shot in the rain with an umbrella might be fun to do. Tossing a limited supply of water was a challenge (our couple didn’t get too drenched, luckily!), but we’re happy with the results. We can’t wait to capture Karen and Greg’s infectious smiles again at their wedding!


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