Dorothy & Sunny’s Playful SF Engagement Adventure

Winter in the Bay Area is usually fairly mild so we think nothing of planning photo sessions during that period. Unfortunately for Dorothy and Sunny, the end of 2018 and start of 2019 were drenched with rain so we had to reschedule their engagement session not one but four times! Happily, the fourth date landed us a gorgeous, spring-like day with fantastic clouds that, ironically, only flock around inclement weather. All credit goes to our intrepid couple for unearthing the following Bernal Heights gems (and they somehow still had time to surprise us with snacks—including the best mochi cupcakes ever!).

Tucked away in a quiet, residential neighborhood is tiny Esmeralda Slide Park, which is more of a playtime pitstop than a natural space in which you can while away an afternoon. Its namesake is a steep, 35-foot-long dual slide that’s perfect for a thrill-seeking duo. How delightfully random is that?


Neighboring Bernal Heights Park boasts 26 acres of grassy, rolling hills that dogs enjoy sprinting across while humans drink in unobstructed panoramic views of San Francisco, the Bay Bridge, and beyond. We couldn’t believe how clear and not freezing or windy it was up there, unlike Twin Peaks or other spots with stunning views! The park also features a gigantic tree appointed with a rope swing that’s probably meant to accommodate only one butt at a time but Dorothy and Sunny both managed to squeeze onto it. It’s not easy for two people to get enough momentum going for a decent ride but they both rocked it and looked adorable while doing so!


Once the sun set, we busted out our light-up bubble wand and enveloped Dorothy and Sunny with soapy orbs. By the end of the session, our cheeks hurt from laughing too much, and we can’t help but smile when we look back on that day. Take a peek! We’re looking forward to their wedding this summer!


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