San Francisco Rock’n’Roll Engagement | Shae & Rye

Seattleites Shae and Rye are getting married in Seattle next year but called upon us for a San Francisco engagement session that resonated deeply with our own musically inclined lifestyle.

“One of our mutual hobbies is seeing live music, and I went to a lot of punk and metalcore shows growing up in the Bay Area,” says Shae. “Rye did the same, but mostly in Chico, where he’s from. We go to a lot of shows and craft beer events and have a blast spending time together at those.”

When they decided on the Bottom of the Hill for their backdrop, we knew it’d be perfect for them. The intimate indie-rock institution, which has seen the likes of the White Stripes, the Strokes, Cat Power, and even the Beastie Boys grace its humble stage before they blew up (well, everyone but the Beastie Boys!), has an awesome Pee-wee’s Playhouse vibe as well as local beers on tap. (Good news for engaged rock’n’rollers searching for a venue: Bottom of the Hill hosts weddings!)

Shae and Rye cozied up at the wooden bar before soaking up some springtime sun on the back patio, which features a wall lined with old show flyers. The self-proclaimed goofballs then headed back into the darkness and hopped onstage, where they pantomimed the best duet ever, gave us serious metalface, and showed off Rye’s collection of jump kicks. Our cheeks hurt from laughing so much!

It was such a treat hanging out with them and we wish them the best on the next step in their adventure together! Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite moments with them.

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