Ashnita & Dave’s Revved-Up Lifestyle Adventure

Ashnita and Dave’s first date took place at an ice cream parlor in the tiny, old-timey town of Niles. It was the perfect first stop for their lifestyle photo session, which was essentially a mini-tour of the East Bay featuring three different vehicles they frequently use on their adventures together.

They pulled up to the ice cream shop on his shiny Honda Valkyrie, a beast of a machine that’s apparently such a smooth ride that Ashnita confessed to falling asleep as a passenger on multiple occasions. (Dave had ridden a similar motorcycle across Alaska.) After indulging in a frozen treat to beat the heat of the summer day, we joined them by Jeep at Skywest Golf Course in Haywardbut not to golf! Rather, it served as a more-manicured substitute for their usual outdoorsy endeavors.

Conveniently, Hayward Executive Airport was nearby and also where Dave’s gorgeous red 1982 Piper Archer airplane awaited us. Although they didn’t take off into the sunset that day, we had a fabulous time capturing them in their element. Their impeding marriage is sure to be a blast and we can’t wait to photograph their wedding!
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