Magical Malibu Calamigos Ranch Wedding | Katy & Phil

malibuwedding001Roughly 10 miles away from the beaches of Malibu and tucked amid the Santa Monica Mountains, Calamigos Ranch is not your typical ranch. Sure, it’s outfitted with a Ferris wheel, carousel, and summer-camp concession stands of yore, but it’s their majestic oak treea breathtaking beauty that radiates with the wisdom of a hundred sunrisesthat Katy and Phil fell in love with. It was the perfect setting for their one-of-a-kind wedding.

Their special day started at Westlake Village Inn, the site of our couple’s engagement (you can take a peek at their ridiculously fun save-the-date video here). Many tears were shed and hugs were shared as they giddily got ready. Katy slipped into a stunning full-length strapless gown with an intricate bodice, while Phil rocked a custom blue suit and a snappy, partially paisley vest. Even Lady, their furry ring bearer, dressed up for the occasion, sporting a burlap bandana that read, “I Do Too.”

Brides might be familiar with the adage “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Katy, who’s Irish, grew up learning an additional part: “…and a sixpence for your shoe.” Her friend Amanda, who collected a bunch of vintage British sixpences for friends getting married, presented Katy one with a shamrock on it from 1966. It perfectly reflected Katy’s heritage and their 6/6 wedding date, and our bride literally taped it to the inside of her shoe.

Our couple skillfully blended Phil’s Jewish heritage and Katy’s Catholic upbringing into the ceremony as well. Says Katy, “We wanted to honor our individual traditions but also create a unique ceremony that was personal, meaningful, inclusive, and would resonate with all of our family and friends from different parts of the world.” Among the many rituals that took place beneath the oak’s welcoming branches were a ring warming, the lighting of the unity candle, the signing of the ketubah (which they designed themselves), the breaking of the glass (which they did jointly), and the reading of the seven blessings.

“Both Jewish and Catholic weddings have traditions involving seven blessings,” explains Katy. “The Catholic ones are called ‘Prayers of the Faithful,’ which are  statements of intentions for the community, people in need, and then all of mankind. The Jewish prayers are called the ‘Sheva Brachot,’ which express a Jewish belief that in every couple being wed, there are hopes and dreams for all humanity. We did our own take on them by coming up with seven blessings we wanted for our marriage and asked our friends to write the blessings. We chose love, family, loyalty, friendship, compassion, dreams, and humor.”

Their best friends Matt and Mary, who are both writers and actors, did a terrific job co-officiating the moving, emotional ceremony. Before we knew it, our newlyweds were racing through clouds of bubbles down the aisle to the ringing of hundreds of tiny bells.

Katy and Phil’s thoughtfulness extended to the rest of their wedding day and we were duly impressed by their craftiness. They made all their marquee signs and most of the signage, including “Dublin/New York/Love” (kudos to their wedding planner Joyce Kim Weddings for having the best handwriting ever!). They transformed hundreds of whiskey and tequila bottles into lavender and gold vases, and even constructed a kissing booth out of discarded wood and painted it to match their color story. The seating chart featured “Polaroids” of their guests’ childhood photos and came with instructions to “find your face, then your table.” We overheard several guests murmuring with astonishment that they had no idea where Katy and Phil had procured themso delightfully sneaky!

Their equally talented friends played a huge role as well, making the programs and cake toppers in addition to turning the heat way up on the dancefloor. One energetic pal mesmerized guests with his gripping air-drumming performance to the Foo Fighters “All My Life.” But perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening occurred after our couple’s grand entrance and subsequent first dance: Katy, who was an under-18 and under-21 all-Ireland dance champion and danced professionally around the world with Magic of the Dance, treated Phil for the very first time to her award-winning footwork. A flurry of hair, dress, and black boots, Katy was a sight to behold, but Phil’s look of awe, amazement, and adoration was absolutely priceless.

It was in shiny custom Nike high-tops that our newlyweds danced up a storm with their spirited guests until it came time to say goodnight. What an unforgettable way to kick off the rest of their lives together! Here’s how it all went down.

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Bride’s dress: Monique Lhuillier
Bride’s shoes: Blue by Betsy Johnson
Veil: Glamour Closet
Earrings: Bhldn
Diamond bracelet: Jewels by Nicole
Studded clutch: Aldo
Bride’s sneakers: Nike Dunk Sky High
Matron of honor’s dress: Dessy Collection
Groom’s suit & shirt: Custom by Klein Epstein & Parker
Groom’s tie: Dessy Collection
Groom’s pocket square: The Tie Bar
Groom’s rose gold watch: Raymond Weil
Groom’s shoes: Cole Haan
Groom’s gold sneakers: Nike ID Air Force 1s
Best man’s suit: Ralph Lauren
Best man’s tie: Dessy Collection
Rings: Jewels by Nicole
Flowergirls’ dresses: Dessy Collection
Lady’s collar & leash: PecanPiePuppies (Etsy)
“I Do Too” Bandana: All Lavender and Love (Etsy)
Hair & make-up: Moira Taylor Paris
Wedding planner/coordinator: Joyce Kim Weddings
Flowers: Marion Curson Floral Design
Catering: Calamigos Ranch
Cake: SusieCakes
Lighting: Pacific Event Lighting
DJ: Dominic Sagona from Red Shoe
Burlap pendant: Chics Who Craft (Etsy)
Alcohol & #Davisdoeseisen sign: Keep Life Simple Designs (Etsy)
Wooden table numbers: Sweet NC Collective (Etsy)
Photobooth: GC Photo Booth
Caricature: Roxie Voorhees & From Marz Made in LA (Etsy)
Guest “mason jar”: Strangely Yours (Etsy)
Programs: From Marz Made in LA (Etsy)
Mini bells/bubbles:
Apple bell: Aorta Apparel (Etsy)
Custom candles: Eden Candles UK (Etsy)
Vintage sixpence: EverySomeday (Etsy)

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