Erika & Levi’s San Francisco Forest & Sand Engagement Excursion

Erika & Levi01
We love meeting our couples’ pets so you can imagine how loudly we squealed when Erika and Levi told us that their poodle/bichon mix Chloe would be joining us for their multi-location engagement session. Like her mommy and daddy, Chloe was sweet as can be and an absolute treat to have around as we zipped through AIDS Memorial Grove and Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park before catching the sunset at Baker Beach. She also showed incredible patience, wearing Levi’s meticulously lettered save-the-date chalkboard signs around her neck without a peep. She’ll no doubt do a great job at Erika and Levi’s wedding next spring!

Did we mention that she’s ridiculously soft and it was hard not to pet her the entire time? Well, it’s true! We could also go on about how Erika was a knockout in her magenta dress and how cute she and Levi are together, but that’s fairly evident in the photos below. We can’t wait to photograph all of them again next year! (Thanks to Erika’s sister for tagging along as a dog wrangler, which was really handy even though Chloe was quite the lady!)

Erika & Levi02
Erika & Levi03
Erika & Levi04
Erika & Levi05
Erika & Levi06
Erika & Levi07
Erika & Levi08
Erika & Levi09

Erika & Levi11
Erika & Levi12
Erika & Levi13
Erika & Levi14
Erika & Levi15
Erika & Levi16

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