Daniella & Fechin’s Fun-Loving San Francisco Wedding

Daniella & Fechin01
Last fall, we spent a good part of an afternoon chasing after Daniella and Fechin as they paddled around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. When they hopped on bikes and popped wheelies afterward, we had a feeling their wedding would be a blastand we were right!

On the first day of August, they were joined in holy matrimony at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church, where they were surrounded by a fun-loving throng of family and friends. Many traveled from Ireland (Fechin’s homeland), and one thoughtfully wrote “HELP ME” on the bottom of Fechin’s shoes, much to the amusement of the guests when Fechin and Daniella knelt at the church altar. Daniella looked stunning in a one-shoulder tulle-and-lace gown, while Fechin managed to show off some skin in his dark gray three-piece suit.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their wedding party piled into a limo and headed to China Beach, where they frolicked for a bit in the sand and surf. Fechin was caught off-guard by the fast-moving waves and wound up squishing his way to the reception at the United Irish Cultural Center. Soggy shoes and socks didn’t dampen anyone’s moods, though. The celebration continued with touching and revealing toasts, emotional first dances, lively bouquet and garter tosses, and footloose and fancy-free dancing into the night. Here are some of our favorite moments from the day.

Daniella & Fechin02
Daniella & Fechin03
Daniella & Fechin04
Daniella & Fechin05
Daniella & Fechin06
Daniella & Fechin07
Daniella & Fechin08
Daniella & Fechin09
Daniella & Fechin10
Daniella & Fechin11
Daniella & Fechin12
Daniella & Fechin13
Daniella & Fechin14
Daniella & Fechin15
Daniella & Fechin16
Daniella & Fechin17
Daniella & Fechin18
Daniella & Fechin19
Daniella & Fechin20
Daniella & Fechin21
Daniella & Fechin22
Daniella & Fechin23
Daniella & Fechin24
Daniella & Fechin25
Daniella & Fechin26
Daniella & Fechin27
Daniella & Fechin28
Daniella & Fechin29
Daniella & Fechin30
Daniella & Fechin31
Daniella & Fechin32
Daniella & Fechin33
Daniella & Fechin34
Daniella & Fechin35
Daniella & Fechin36
Daniella & Fechin37
Daniella & Fechin38
Daniella & Fechin39
Daniella & Fechin40
Daniella & Fechin41
Daniella & Fechin42
Daniella & Fechin43
Daniella & Fechin44
Daniella & Fechin45
Daniella & Fechin46
Daniella & Fechin47
Daniella & Fechin48
Daniella & Fechin49
Daniella & Fechin50
Daniella & Fechin51
Daniella & Fechin52
Daniella & Fechin53
Daniella & Fechin54
Daniella & Fechin55
Daniella & Fechin56
Daniella & Fechin57
Daniella & Fechin58
Daniella & Fechin59
Daniella & Fechin60
Daniella & Fechin61
Daniella & Fechin62
Daniella & Fechin63
Daniella & Fechin64
Daniella & Fechin65
Daniella & Fechin66
Daniella & Fechin67
Daniella & Fechin68
Daniella & Fechin69
Daniella & Fechin70
Daniella & Fechin71
Daniella & Fechin72
Daniella & Fechin73
Daniella & Fechin74
Daniella & Fechin75
Daniella & Fechin76
Daniella & Fechin77
Daniella & Fechin78
Daniella & Fechin79
Daniella & Fechin80
Daniella & Fechin81

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