Lyndsay & Mike’s Intimate Napa Elopement

Lyndsay & Mike01
Couples frequently get engaged in exotic locales, but Mike took it to the next level when he and Lyndsay were on vacation in London: In preparation for his proposal, he secretly had a graffiti artist paint “Blondie <heart> Steele” on a wall right on Kingsland Road in Hoxton (Steele’s his last name and Lyndsay is, well, blonde). We can’t even begin to imagine Lyndsay’s face when he unveiled the surprise and popped the question!

We had the privilege of capturing their joy in July, however, when they journeyed from Texas to tie the knot at Napa’s Meritage Resort & Spa. We also had the pleasure of seeing (and photographing!) Mike’s expression when Lyndsay revealed a surprise of her own after their touching ceremony: “Blondie <heart> Steele” painted on canvas and unrolled against a backdrop of leafy grapevines. So sweet!

Afterwards, they enjoyed their first dance in the summer sunshine with a violin-rendition of the Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony.” Lyndsay was a knockout in a lacy, strapless, high-low dress, while Mike rocked a slim black suit with purple tiewe never would’ve guessed that they’ve both tackled the brutal obstacle course on American Ninja Warrior! Ironically, they struggled hilariously to cut their gluten-free cake, but redeemed themselves with pull-ups and intense glances as we explored the Meritage’s rolling vineyard together. Before we knew it, it was time to bid the newlyweds goodbye. Here are some of our favorite moments from their memorable day.

Lyndsay & Mike02
Lyndsay & Mike03
Lyndsay & Mike04
Lyndsay & Mike05
Lyndsay & Mike06
Lyndsay & Mike07
Lyndsay & Mike08
Lyndsay & Mike09
Lyndsay & Mike10
Lyndsay & Mike11
Lyndsay & Mike12
Lyndsay & Mike13
Lyndsay & Mike14
Lyndsay & Mike15
Lyndsay & Mike16
Lyndsay & Mike17
Lyndsay & Mike18
Lyndsay & Mike19
Lyndsay & Mike21
Lyndsay & Mike22
Lyndsay & Mike23
Lyndsay & Mike24
Lyndsay & Mike25
Lyndsay & Mike26
Lyndsay & Mike27
Lyndsay & Mike28
Lyndsay & Mike29
Lyndsay & Mike30
Lyndsay & Mike31
Lyndsay & Mike32
Lyndsay & Mike33
Lyndsay & Mike34
Lyndsay & Mike35
Lyndsay & Mike36
Lyndsay & Mike37
Lyndsay & Mike38
Lyndsay & Mike39
Lyndsay & Mike40
Lyndsay & Mike41
Lyndsay & Mike42
Lyndsay & Mike43
Lyndsay & Mike44
Lyndsay & Mike45
Lyndsay & Mike46
Lyndsay & Mike47
Lyndsay & Mike48
Lyndsay & Mike49
Lyndsay & Mike50
Lyndsay & Mike51
Lyndsay & Mike52
Lyndsay & Mike53
Lyndsay & Mike54
Lyndsay & Mike55
Lyndsay & Mike56
Lyndsay & Mike57
Lyndsay & Mike58
Lyndsay & Mike59
Lyndsay & Mike20
Lyndsay & Mike60
Lyndsay & Mike61
Lyndsay & Mike62
Lyndsay & Mike63
Lyndsay & Mike64
Lyndsay & Mike65

Dress: Allure Bridal
Shoes: René Caovilla
Suit: Jones New York
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Rings: Tiffany & Co.
Hair: Margaret Laporte
Make-up: Jentry Kelley
Cake: Sweet on Cake (Napa)
Flowers: Bella Vita Event Productions (Napa)
Canvas: Ali Campbell (Instagram @alihamish; London, UK)
Officiant: Reverend Tim Mills
Violinist: Natalya Tuzlov (Freeway String)
Coordinator: From Plan 2 Perfect

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