Erin Sara & Lucian’s Vibrant Vampire-Slaying Engagement Adventure

Erin Sara & Lucian-vamp slayer1
It’s not every day we get to shadow vampire slayers as they do their rounds at the local cemetery, but we had the chance to do just that during Erin Sara & Lucian’s engagement session. We met them at their cute Oakland home, which was filled with whimsical knickknacks and camera-shy cats. After a bit of reading, Game Boying, and communing with the salamanders in their backyard, a quick game of chess, and an attempt at cat wrangling, we were ready for action.

Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the architect perhaps most famous for New York’s Central Park, Oakland’s Mountain View Cemetery is a historic 226-acre necropolis with tree-lined avenues, thoughtful sculptures, ornate mausoleums, and sweeping views of Oakland and the San Francisco Bay. Among its many daytime visitors, aside from people paying their respects to those laid to rest there, are joggers, dog walkers, and sullen goth teenagers.

Erin Sara and Lucian typically arrive before sunset to scope out any unusual changes to the grounds, so we thought it’d be nice to get photos of them enjoying themselves before it was time to clock in. While we did so, a mysterious fog rolled in and it was suddenly dark. Thank god for full moons! What happened next would make Buffy, Giles, Xander, and Willow proud. Take a gander at how they did!
Erin Sara & Lucian02
Erin Sara & Lucian04
Erin Sara & Lucian05
Erin Sara & Lucian06
Erin Sara & Lucian07
Erin Sara & Lucian08
Erin Sara & Lucian09
Erin Sara & Lucian10
Erin Sara & Lucian11
Erin Sara & Lucian12
Erin Sara & Lucian14
Erin Sara & Lucian15
Erin Sara & Lucian16
Erin Sara & Lucian17
Erin Sara & Lucian18
Erin Sara & Lucian19
Erin Sara & Lucian20
Erin Sara & Lucian21
Erin Sara & Lucian23
Erin Sara & Lucian24
Erin Sara & Lucian-vamp slayer2
Erin Sara & Lucian-vamp slayer3
Erin Sara & Lucian27

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