Tanita & Thuy’s Oakland Engagement Session

tanita & thuy09
Congratulations to Tanita and Thuy, who’ll be tying the knot this weekend in San Francisco! Sadly, we won’t be capturing their wedding, but we had the pleasure of photographing them after they obtained their marriage license at the Alameda County Clerk-Recorder’s office on Valentine’s Day. Since their home state of Texas doesn’t yet embrace marriage equality, Tanita and Thuy had braved several snowstorms just to get to California, and then patiently waited alongside dozens of other giddy couples who were ready to get hitched. Happily, they were full of energy when we met up with them afterward.

We started the session at Oakland Museum of California and took full advantage of the giant chalkboard installation, peace sculpture, and verdant courtyard. From there, it was a short stroll to Lake Merritt, where we snapped a portrait of our couple next to the enormous, 120-foot eucalyptus tree (that had been uprooted by a turbulent windstorm in November 2013) before enjoying the waterfront view and parade of seagulls and gondolas. Here are some highlights from our brief time together.tanita & thuy02

tanita & thuy01
tanita & thuy04
tanita & thuy03
tanita & thuy05
tanita & thuy07
tanita & thuy08
tanita & thuy10
tanita & thuy11
tanita & thuy12
tanita & thuy13
tanita & thuy14
tanita & thuy15
tanita & thuy16
tanita & thuy17

tanita & thuy18
tanita & thuy19
tanita & thuy20
tanita & thuy21

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