Dynasty Chinese Wedding Banquet | Lynette & Jacky

Lynette & Jacky01
When Lynette and Jacky contacted us two weeks before their wedding reception in January and asked us to capture their 11-course Chinese banquet at Dynasty in Cupertino’s VALLCO Shopping Mall, we couldn’t be more thrilled. Lily, for one, knew Lynette and Jacky when they did taekwondo together years ago and looked forward to meeting their families and friends.

Lynette and Jacky joined us before the festivities for a quick portrait session and we took advantage of the shiny escalators, reflective tile, and metal security gates in the mall proper. They were a treat to work with and even brushed off a few of their martial arts skills (in their wedding finery, no less!) for our cameras. The banquet itself was a bounty of warm hugs, beaming smiles, and delicious food, punctuated by Jacky’s touching speech in both Cantonese and English. Towards the end, Lynette and Jacky jumped into the photobooth, still brimming with exuberance. So much fun! Please enjoy this glimpse of their night.Lynette & Jacky02
Lynette & Jacky03
Lynette & Jacky04
Lynette & Jacky05
Lynette & Jacky06
Lynette & Jacky07
Lynette & Jacky08
Lynette & Jacky09
Lynette & Jacky10
Lynette & Jacky11
Lynette & Jacky12
Lynette & Jacky13
Lynette & Jacky14
Lynette & Jacky16
Lynette & Jacky17
Lynette & Jacky18
Lynette & Jacky19
Lynette & Jacky20
Lynette & Jacky21
Lynette & Jacky22
Lynette & Jacky23
Lynette & Jacky24
Lynette & Jacky26
Lynette & Jacky27
Lynette & Jacky28
Lynette & Jacky29

Lynette & Jacky30

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