Jill & Kevin’s Magical Book-Loving San Francisco Engagement Session

Jill & Kevin 01
What do you get when two huge Harry Potter fans fall in love? Pure magic, of course! The day JK Rowling announced that Hermione should’ve married Harry instead of Ron, we met up with Jill and Kevin on a tiny swathe of grass overlooking the city and the bay for their engagement session. They had professed their love of books and all things Harry, so we didn’t bat an eye when they showed up in their favorite HP garb (check out the scarves Jill knitted!) with several tomes from the series in tow. Before long, they whipped out their wands, sending sparks everywhere.

After they tired of flinging each other around, we ventured down to City Lights Booksellers, a historic shop opened by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Peter D. Martin in 1953 and the hub of San Francisco’s legendary Beat movement. Luckily for us, it attracts as many tourists as it does actual shoppers, so we were right at home with our cameras, capturing Jill and Kevin as they browsed. We worked our way through the aisles and then the bustling North Beach scene before calling it a very good night. Here are a few of those magical moments.
Jill & Kevin 02
Jill & Kevin 03
Jill & Kevin 04
Jill & Kevin 05
Jill & Kevin 06
Jill & Kevin 08
Jill & Kevin 09
Jill & Kevin 10
Jill & Kevin 11
Jill & Kevin 13
Jill & Kevin 14
Jill & Kevin 15
Jill & Kevin 16
Jill & Kevin 17
Jill & Kevin 18

Jill & Kevin 20
Jill & Kevin 21
Jill & Kevin 22

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