Hollywood Hijinks with Reverend Beat-Man

beatman1We had the great fortune of crossing paths with the venerable Reverend Beat-Man when we were in Los Angeles a few days before the new year. Reverend Beat-Man is a one-man band that pounds out bluesy gospel trash. Occasionally you’ll find him (sans clerical garb) in primitive garage punk bands such as the Monsters and Die Zorros. He’s also the head honcho of Voodoo Rhythm Records. Since he had his kids in tow that day, we probably should’ve called him Father Beat-Man but there was little time for figuring out proper titles.

After quick hellos, we zipped up the narrow, wending roads of the Hollywood Hills to join an unending stream of tourists under the Hollywood sign. There, glorious chaos ensued, which we followed up with a jaunt to Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the resting place of both Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone. Without going into too much detail, we were almost kicked out by a young, humorless security guard for being too enthusiastic about paying our respects. Despite this ending our session on a sour note, we had a blast and hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

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