Jillian & Ryan’s Urban San Francisco Engagement Adventure

Jillian & Ryan 01
The Mission District is one of San Francisco’s most vibrant neighborhoods, home to a diverse array of eateries, bars, shops and galleries, as well as a sizeable park that’s a popular hangout on sunny days. It’s also where Jillian and Ryan live, and they were eager to share some of their favorite spots with us during their engagement session. Since the sun was on our side, our first stop was Dolores Park for its sweeping views of the city. We then strolled down 18th Street, passing bustling Bi-Rite Market and Tartine Bakery on our way to the Women’s Building (18th and Lapidge streets) and its incredible murals. In the end, we couldn’t resist the temptations at Tartine and doubled back. Amazingly, we got a table, which allowed us to replenish all the calories (and then some!) we had worked off with several delectable treats. Here’s a taste of our excellent excursion together.
Jillian & Ryan 03
Jillian & Ryan 04

Jillian & Ryan 05
Jillian & Ryan 06
Jillian & Ryan 07
Jillian & Ryan 08
Jillian & Ryan 09
Jillian & Ryan 10
Jillian & Ryan 12
Jillian & Ryan 13
Jillian & Ryan 14
tartine bakery treat
Jillian & Ryan 16

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