Katie & Sayre’s Sun-Kissed SF Engagement Session

katie & sayre05
It was gorgeously sunny the day we met Katie & Sayre at Crissy Field, a popular location for shutterbugs because of its unbridled view of the Golden Gate Bridge. However, it was also especially windy, so after braving the lashing gales for a while, we sought shelter at nearby Palace of Fine Arts just as the sun was setting. Gone were the dozens of other couples (including brides and grooms) whom we had encountered earlier getting their photos taken, which meant more room for us to play. We were delighted when Katie & Sayre shimmied up a tree, and later treated us to a little dance under the moonlight! Here’s what our time together looked like.
katie & sayre02
katie & sayre03
katie & sayre04
katie & sayre06
katie & sayre07
katie & sayre08
katie & sayre09
katie & sayre11
katie & sayre12
katie & sayre13
katie & sayre01
katie & sayre14
katie & sayre15

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