Whimsical SF City Hall Ceremony | Mary & Henry

mary & henry 1

Remember Mary and Henry and their most-excellent bridge-spotting engagement adventure? We caught up with them a few weeks later when they tied the knot at San Francisco City Hall, a stunning location if there ever was one. Although it was early Thursday morning, the place was bustling with other couples eager to get married. Only one judge was available to perform all the ceremonies that day, however, so appointments were soon pushed back. For us this meant one thing: more photos!

We adored Mary’s 1950s-style swing dress and poufy petticoat, and Henry’s snappy gray suit. We squealed when they broke out the signs they made to commemorate the occasion: ladybugs proclaiming “I do” and “Do I!” and giant Scrabble tiles spelling out “FINALLY!” for 13 points. We laughed when they strapped a plastic ball and chain to Henry’s ankle. Most of all, we loved photographing them interacting with the 22 family members and friends who joined them that day, even though technically only six guests (including photographers) are allowed to witness the ceremony.

In the end, they exchanged vows, they kissed, and everyone cheered. It might not have followed strict fairytale protocol, but there was definitely a Cinderella moment (animated below) and we hope Mary and Henry live happily ever after. Do we? We do!

mary & henry 2
mary & henry 3
mary & henry 4
mary & henry 5
mary & henry 6
mary & henry 7
mary & henry 8
mary & henry 10
mary & henry 11
mary & henry 12
mary & henry 13
mary & henry flowers
mary & henry rings
mary & henry tickets
mary & henry 17
mary & henry 20
mary & henry 21
mary & henry 22
mary & henry 23
mary & henry 24
mary & henry finally!
mary & henry 26
mary & henry 27
mary & henry 29
mary & henry 30
mary & henry ball & chain
mary & henry 32

mary & henry 33

Dress: Alika Circle dress (Bettie Page Clothing)
Bride’s shoes: Badgley Mischka
Suit: Tommy Hilfiger
Tie: Michael Kors
Groom’s shoes: Kenneth Cole
Rings: Partita Custom Design Jewelry
Flowers: Virginia Ho at S&V Collections
Ball & chain: Party City
Giant keys: Amazon

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