Mary & Henry’s Bridge-Spotting Engagement Adventure


Henry proposed to Mary at Battery Spencer on Fort Baker, which offers a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge spanning the San Francisco Bay. They decided it’d be fun to relive that magical moment for their engagement session and of course we agreed! We arrived shortly before the sun dipped beneath the horizon and had a great time capturing our couple with both the sunset and the bridge’s twinkling lights. When the winds picked up, we headed to San Francisco’s other photogenic bridge (the oft-overlooked Bay Bridge) to top off the night. Here are some of our favorite shots. We’re so excited to photograph their nuptials!
mary & henry 2
mary & henry 3
mary & henry 4
mary & henry 5
mary & henry 7
mary & henry 8
mary & henry 9
mary & henry 10
mary & henry 11
mary & henry 12
mary & henry 13
mary & henry 14
mary & henry 15
mary & henry 16
mary & henry 17
mary & henry 18
mary & henry 19
mary & henry 20
mary & henry 21

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