Becca & Mike’s Full-Moon Lake Merritt Wedding

Becca & Mike 01

When a bride insists on having a zombie engagement shoot (going so far as to recruit and style the “zombie” herself) and her groom good-naturedly plays along, it’s safe to assume that their wedding will be chockfull of fun. Not surprisingly, we had a fabulous time with Becca and Mike when they tied the knot in late May at Oakland’s Lake Chalet, on a dock overlooking the city’s landmark Lake Merritt.

Before we dive into the photos, we feel we must give you some idea of how amazing Becca is. She started planning the entire shindig herself in October, which isn’t unusual…until you learn that she was in her last year of medical school in New Orleans, a grueling schedule that involved medical rotations in both New Orleans and Phoenix. Two months before the wedding, she found out she’d be doing her residency in Los Angeles; a month later, she moved there. While all this was going on, she was still flying between New Orleans, Phoenix (where Mike lived), Oakland, and San Diego to finish planning the wedding, make all the decorative elements, visit Mike, and do wedding dress fittings. Ten days before the wedding, she flew to San Francisco to compete in a young investigators research abstract oral competition (and won first place!). Eight days before the wedding, she graduated from medical school. WHEW! Becca is (was?) truly a bad-ass bride if there ever was one!

With all that said, we would never have guessed that Becca’s time was so divided. She pulled together wonderful details such as jellybean jar escort cards, a seating chart using an actual map that referenced all the places she and Mike had explored together, mad libs, and a mini “second line” (in honor of her four years spent in New Orleans) to usher their guests into the reception area. We loved that she asked married couples to dance until the longest-wed couple was left swaying on the dancefloor.

But no wedding is complete without a mishap or two. Despite Becca’s impeccable planning, no one could predict that some elements essential to Mike’s role in the wedding would get stolen within a few hours of the ceremony. Thankfully, everyone kept calm and, with the help of dedicated, resourceful friends, Mike had a shirt, cufflinks, tie, belt, and shoes to wear (luckily, his suit had been spared!), contacts for his eyes, and a laptop to play the wedding music and special secret slideshow he had created. And guess what? The ceremony started right on schedule and the rest of the day went swimmingly, brimming with laughter, tears, and so much love. A duck even laid a batch of eggs at the end of the dock shortly after the wedding! Magic all around! Here are our favorite moments of the day.

engraved fingerprint ring
Becca & Mike 03
bad-ass bride
Becca & Mike 05
Becca & Mike 06
Becca & Mike 07
Becca & Mike 08
Becca & Mike 10
Becca & Mike 11

Becca & Mike 12
bridal jump
dock eggs

Becca & Mike 14
Becca & Mike 15
Becca & Mike 16
Becca & Mike 17
Becca & Mike 18

Becca & Mike 19
Becca & Mike 20
Becca & Mike 21
second-line kiss
jelly bean escort cards2
Becca & Mike 24
Becca & Mike 25
wedding mad libs1
Becca & Mike 27
Becca & Mike 28
Becca & Mike 29
Becca & Mike 30
Becca & Mike 31
Becca & Mike 32
Becca & Mike 33
Becca & Mike 34
Becca & Mike 35
Becca & Mike 36
Becca & Mike 37

Dress: Watters dress from Here Comes the Bride (San Diego, CA)
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Suit: Rubenstein’s (New Orleans)
Bride’s rings: Tiffany’s
Groom’s ring: Brent & Jess (Etsy)
Catering: Lake Chalet
Cupcake stand: JoplinDesignz (Etsy)
Cupcakes: Lake Chalet
Florist: Lee’s Florist and Nursery (Oakland)
Photobooth: LiveImage Photo Booth

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