Art Deco-Inspired Nestldown Wedding | Denisse & Jay

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The Great Gatsby may have opened in theaters last Friday, but we laid our eyes on some spectacular 1920s style at Denisse & Jay’s art decoinspired wedding last month in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Unlike the mixed reviews the film has gotten, we’re certain this very special event has received nothing but thumbs up from our beautiful couple and their guests, many of whom made the voyage from Texas.

A dropped-waist gown with intricately beaded collar and waistband, flapper-style bridesmaid dresses adorned with fringe and sequins, stunning finger waves, dapper suits, and rakish caps were just a few of the details we swooned over. The location was a dream, too. Nestldown is a private estate tucked amid rolling hills and soaring redwoods, and appointed with all the makings of an enchanted forest: a quaint cottage straight out of your favorite fairytale, a rustic farmhouse, arched bridges, waterfalls, fish-filled ponds, towering topiary, colorful carousel statues. The gardens were abloom with vibrant daffodils and multicolor tulips, which made the setting even more magical (think Dorothy waking up in the land of Oz).

But, wait, there’s more! Nestldown’s 1960s black British cab shuttled the wedding party around in style, and its small train gave guests a looped tour of the gorgeous grounds. (Luckily, the wild turkeys we spotted on the tracks earlier that day had made themselves scarce before the party started.)

We loved that a mariachi band heralded the processional and recessional, and that Jay had to pull out a handkerchief to tame his misty eyes and runny nose before the ceremony could commence, not to mention the multiple dance-offs that ensued later that evening. Overall, there were so many wonderful moments from the day that we had a really difficult time narrowing down  images to share with you, but we gave it our best shot. Enjoy!

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denisse & jay 03
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denisse & jay 39
denisse & jay 40
denisse & jay 41
denisse & jay 42
denisse & jay 43
denisse & jay 44

Bride’s dress: Marry Go Round Bridal (Houston, TX)
Bride’s shoes: Betsey Johnson
Bride’s ring: Golden Nonsense Jewelry (Tomball, TX)
Groom’s suit & tie: Jos. A. Bank
Groom’s shoes: Cole Haan
Groom’s ring: Robbins Brothers (Houston, TX)
Groom’s hat: Goorin Bros
Groom’s suspenders: Nordstrom
Officiant: Irene Kane (Ceremonies and Celebrations)
Caterer: Poetry in Motion
Florist: Apis Floral

10 thoughts on “Art Deco-Inspired Nestldown Wedding | Denisse & Jay

  1. Wow, Chris and Lily! Just spent way too much time at work not working…but instead looking at all of your amazing photos. Really beautiful work, guys!

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