Wild About Lindsay, Wild About You!


Lindsay has a deft way with razor-sharp scissors, a fine-toothed comb, and extra-hold hairspray; she transforms scraggly mops of hair into runway-ready coiffures on a daily basis. She brightens our day whenever she assumes her alter ego Poindexter, gets behind the KALX soundboard, and throws down jangly indie pop and vintage soul stormers. When we learned that she loves to bake, we thought it’d be fun to hang out while she did so—and not just because we hoped we’d get a slice of pie!

And this is how the Wild About You photo session came to be. Witnessing Lindsay in action, marveling at her diverse talents and interests, reminded us that we’re all multifaceted superstars yet only a few (if any) people ever see us shine in those many ways. We want to capture you having a fantastic time doing and/or enjoying your favorite things, be it sculpting a shrub into the shape of Chewbacca, slurping oysters from the half shell from an oceanside stand, or lazing the day away with your Labradoodle in a grassy field. Who said you have to wait until there’s a “special” occasion to show off your stunning, bad-ass self? We spent a “regular” afternoon with Lindsay that turned out to be pretty special. You, your friends, and your family deserve to have a document of your awesomeness that’s bigger than an iPhone snap. Go ahead and treat yourself. Book us for a photo session today and drive us wild! Ten years from now, you’ll be glad you did.


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