Becca & Mike’s Zombie Encounter

Mike & Becca 1Becca and Mike, who are getting married in May, flew in from Phoenix, Arizona, for their engagement portraits. We were blessed with a gorgeous Saturday and thus headed to ever-photogenic Golden Gate Park. Everything was so wonderfulβ€”the warmth, the scampering squirrels, the friendly ducksβ€”that we were completely caught off guard when a brain-hungry zombie tried to photobomb our session. Luckily, the gory encounter only served to strengthen Becca and Mike’s commitment to each other. Here’s how the afternoon went down.

Mike & Becca 2Mike & Becca 3Mike & Becca 4Mike & Becca 5Mike & Becca 6Mike & Becca 7Mike & Becca 8Mike & Becca 9Mike & Becca 10Mike & Becca 11Mike & Becca 12Mike & Becca 13Mike & Becca 14Mike & Becca 15Mike & Becca 16Mike & Becca 17Mike & Becca 18Mike & Becca 19Mike & Becca 20Mike & Becca 21Mike & Becca 22Mike & Becca 23Mike & Becca 24Mike & Becca 25Mike & Becca 26Mike & Becca 27Mike & Becca 28Becca & Mike Flower Shower

8 thoughts on “Becca & Mike’s Zombie Encounter

  1. Those are, by far, THE BEST engagement photos I have ever seen. Love, bliss, and zombies. Usually, the engagement photos leave out the zombie part. Finally, someone got it right! You ROCK!

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