Bright Lights, Cherry Bombs & Burger Babes


When she’s not drumming for Canadian garage band White Wires, multi-talented Allie Hanlon is playing every other instrument and penning ooey-gooey-good pop songs for Peach Kelli Pop. Named after a Redd Kross number, PKP pays homage to the Angels, the Ramones, and Nikki Corvette: catchy girl group–inspired ditties occasionally infused with chainsaw guitars and bubblegum-snapping attitude. We heard a preview of PKP’s second album—out today on Burger Records!—and were clapping our hands and singing along within minutes (check out a sample song at the end of this post or click here).

Last summer we met up with Allie at the California State Fair to see Joan Jett & the Blackhearts (who’s still crazy good, by the way). We inevitably had to capture her 1000-watt smile amid the dazzling carnival lights of the midway. Here are some of our favorites, sans a few where a couple of girls photobombed us, giggling like mad. PKP will be touring soon. We’re looking forward to catching Allie and her new line-up live.


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