Happy Holidays with Manny the Elf


Remember Cris and Dan and their stylin’ maternity dresses, platform shoes, and impromptu dance party? We blogged about them back in July, when they were eagerly awaiting their first child. Manny arrived a few weeks later and spent the past few months developing the chubbiest of cheeks and the beefiest of thighs for his first photoshoot—just in time for Christmas.

Mama Cris slipped him into a gingerbread boy outfit and topped off his transformation with a knit elf hat. Add twinkly Christmas lights, colorful stockings, a treat for Santa, and personality galore and we had a shutterbug’s delight. Happy holidays, everyone! We wish you a wonderful new year filled with peace, love, and happiness.

manny2manny3manny 4manny 5manny 6manny7manny8manny9manny 10manny 11manny 12manny13manny14manny15

5 thoughts on “Happy Holidays with Manny the Elf

  1. So much fun! You captured our first family Christmas so beautifully. We are going to love looking at these pictures for years to come. You’re the best, WAYP!

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