Miquela & Mike’s Palace of Fine Arts Engagement


A dreary, rainy day isn’t typically a couple’s first choice when it comes to an engagement portrait session. Miquela and Mike, however, kept our appointment at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts despite the forecast. It turned out to be a terrific decision.

The rain had ceased a few hours before our pre-sunset rendezvous and the sky had partially cleared, considerately drying the walking paths and leaving behind a clutch of dramatic clouds. It shaped up to be a beautiful day for photos and, judging by the number of other folks out with their cameras, we weren’t the only ones who thought so.

In one action-packed hour, Miquela and Mike explored the soaring classical-style columns and rotunda, strolled around the lagoon, greeted demanding ducks, and made a toast to their happiness. Once the sun set and the lights came on, the San Francisco chill kicked in. As we gathered our stuff to leave, it began to sprinkle. We couldn’t be more excited. After all, we’d been lugging around umbrellas all day and it was nice to be able to both keep our sweet couple dry and finish the session whistling “Singin’ in the Rain.”

miquela + mike 3
miquela + mike 8
miquela + mike 6
miquela + mike 7
miquela + mike 1
miquela + mike 2
miquela + mike 4
miquela + mike 9
miquela + mike 5

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