Sun, Sand & Vinyl with Sarah & Ryan


Exactly one month ago today, we had the great pleasure of meeting Sarah and Ryan, who had flown to San Francisco from North Carolina to elope. (You can read Sarah’s thoughtful piece about their decision at A Practical Wedding.)

Bay Area weather is notoriously unpredictable in October but we lucked out and hightailed it to Baker Beach, a popular photo spot with a classic Golden Gate Bridge backdrop. The light was golden, the weather was balmy. Unsurprisingly, this being San Francisco, the water was freezing (as Ryan unwittingly discovered early on when the waves rushed ashore higher than anticipated). Together we kicked up sand and basked in the sun until it set and biting winds whipped up around us. Ryan and Sarah even had a chance to play with the Diana and Holga cameras we brought along.

Afterward, we checked out the colorful Upper Haight district. Since Sarah and Ryan are both music lovers, a pitstop at Amoeba Music was a must. Luckily, the staff didn’t seem to mind our sleeveface shenanigans. Two days later, this lovely couple became husband and wife. We’ll be showcasing their city hall hurrah soon [it’s here!], but in the meantime, please enjoy some sun, sand, and sleeveface.



Taken by Sarah with a Holga 120N with a Fuji wide-angle adapter


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