Maternity Modness with Cris & Dan

cris-dan 3

Handmade dresses, sensational platform heels, giant plastic bananas, and an impromptu dance party were some of the delights that awaited us when we dropped by Cris and Dan’s new home in Point Richmond, CA, for a maternity session. We shouldn’t have been surprised—both are talented musicians (Cris is in a sultry ’60s girl group called the Bitter Honeys; Dan plays in garage bands Tropical Sleep and the Pets) who bring the party wherever they go. Cris is also a skilled seamstress who whipped up a few dresses for the occasion. Who says you can’t wear four-inch heels or boogie down when pregnant? We can’t wait to meet their son in August. He’s sure to be a cutie with enviable style!

cris + dan
cris-dan 2
cris + dan
cris-dan 1
cris-dan 5
cris-dan 6
cris + dan

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