DIY Wedding Invitations for Photography Geeks

DIY wedding invitations

Chris and I are counting down the days to our upcoming wedding, but there’s still tons to do before we tie the knot. In addition to shooting our own engagement photos [see How We Shot Ourselves (and Survived)], we (ok, I) have been busily getting crafty.

Thanks to numerous creative wedding sites such as Offbeat Bride and Rock n Roll Bride, a billion ideas have been bouncing around my brain. I’ve been obsessed with paper, ribbons, rubber stamps, and paper punches (Jo-Ann has been one of my best friends these past few months), and my perspective on mundane objects around me has broadened. Suddenly an empty glass jar has become a vessel of multiple possibilities, a scrap of colorful paper has bloomed into several blossoms in a paper flower bouquet, and the backing papers of discarded 120 film have morphed into belly bands for wedding invitations.

One day while visiting Chris at his photolab, I caught sight of a heap of bold black-and-white polka-dotted strips in the trash and immediately knew they’d be perfect as belly bands for our photography-inspired invitations. Transforming them was fairly simple: trim to the right length, wrap around the invitation, and affix using double-sided tape. The most tedious part? Punching the edges of the cards by hand and trying to match up the circles! Here’s how they turned out:

DIY wedding invitationsDIY wedding invitationsDIY wedding invitationsDIY wedding invitationsDIY wedding invitationsDIY wedding invitations

Petal fold and panel cards: Cards and Pockets
2.5″ belly bands: repurposed from the backing paper of 120 film, available at most photolabs (view more backing paper designs here)
Camera stamp:
Ribbon: Michael’s
Paper punch: EK Tools “Bubbles”
Adhesive: Scrapbook Adhesives Click ‘n Stick Mounting Squares

3 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Invitations for Photography Geeks

    • Your invitations are so beautiful, witty, and what a reflection of both of your photo-affection! I love you and can’t wait until I can call you my daughter!

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